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We provide technical translation services for a wide range of industries.

What technical translation services does LAOR offer?

LAOR - Providing Professional Technical Translation:

  • English to Hebrew and Hebrew to English, for various subjects and fields.

  • Technical certification updates and more.

  • Operations and System Manuals,

    Maintenance and checklist,

  • Installation instructions,

    Updates and changes to technical certifications.

  • SDS - Safety data sheet according to the State of Israel regulatory requirements.

  • A variety of driver's, training, and maintenance manuals are available.


Please find out more about our technical translations.

  • LAOR Technical Translations were established in 1991 to manage a retired Israeli Air Force officer with many years of experience in the area of technical engineering.

  • Native speakers are not only intimately familiar with the source and target languages of your translations, but are also highly educated in the technical field addressed in your project documents.

  • High-quality translations by skilled translators: Engineers, technicians, and skilled workers on the field.

  • Technical services and manuals translation

  • Producing and editing Israeli and foreign technical publications.

What makes technical translation different from other types of translation?

  • Technical and engineering translations should be accurate and consistent, especially when it comes with instructions and safety warnings​.

  • Business relies on documentation, user manuals, formulae, procedures, and diagrams, but the highly technical nature of technical language makes translation inherently difficult.   

  • Many companies turn to translation teams only to discover that technical and engineering translation isn't as simple as they originally imagined.

  • Translators must be familiar with the target science or technical field's terminology to convey the meaning accurately.

  • The documentation will be lean and not cluttered with descriptions. 

  • It is important that the guidelines are clear and unequivocal; nothing should be left to interpretation. In order to avoid leaving any questions unanswered, the explanation will be brief.

We are committed to: 

  • We manually translate and proofread each translation. 

  • Automated translation services were not used.

  • Each translation is literal rather than word for word.

  • The original meaning is maintained.

  • We do not disclose any personal information.

Are LAOR's quality standards internationally recognized?

  • Laor provides professional and quality translation with care and attention to detail while maintaining confidentiality.

  • The Standards Institution of Israel certifies us ISO 9001:2015 and IQNet (since 1999).

  • Israel's Ministry of Defense licenses suppliers.


Does Laor offer graphic editing and print production services?

We provide this service to those who work with us on translation projects.


LAOR's Customers
We serve some of the leading innovators in information technology, construction and architecture offices, pre-medicine, chemicals, electronics, computing, mechanical, automotive systems, and more.

Examples include the Israel Ministry of Defense, IDF, Israel Airport Authority, Government, Engineering and Architecture Planners, vehicle importers, institutions, businesses, and more..

Please let us know if there is anything we can do to improve our services.

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Phone: 972-8-9435901 
Mobile: 972-522788770
Working Hours: Sunday - Thursday 9:00 - 17:00
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LAOR-Technical translations 

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