Highly Technical Translation Services in ISRAEL

LAOR - Providing professional technical translation services
From English to Hebrew and Hebrew to English, for a variety of subjects and fields.

Technical translation often involves quite high volumes of content and it is vital you get the right accuracy and consistency – especially when it comes to safety instructions and warnings.

LAOR Technical Translations were established in 1991 in the management of a retired Israeli Air Force officer, Many years of experience in the field of technical engineering field.


LAOR Specialized Technical Translation Teams

LAOR employs highly skilled translation teams of native speakers that are not only intimately familiar with the source and target languages of your translation but are also highly educated in the technical field addressed in your project documents.

  • High-quality translations by qualified translators: Engineers, technicians, and skilled field workers.

  • Producing, editing as well as Israeli and foreign technical publications.

  • Technical services, and manuals translation.

LAOR technical translation examples

  • Technical/Engineering documentation and user manuals.

  • M/SDS - Material/Safety Data Sheet, in compliance with regulations requirements in the State of Israel.

  • Aviation - System and operation manuals, checklists, maintenance, alteration, and installation instructions.

  • Transportation – Driver manuals for various automobiles, service manuals, instruction manuals, and maintenance manuals.

About the technical translation and its importance

  • Documentation, user manuals, formulas, procedures, and diagrams are needed to facilitate business, but the highly technical nature of technical language makes translation inherently difficult.

  • Any companies turn to translation teams only to discover that technical and engineering translation isn’t as simple as they perhaps imagined.

  • The translator must understand the terminology of that scientific or technical field to properly capture and transfer the meaning into the target language.

  • Technical documentation will be "lean" and not "cluttered" with descriptions.  

  • Nothing should be left to interpretation; the guidelines will be clear and unequivocal. An explanation will be given briefly, clearly, without leaving any question marks. 

Quality Assurance & Confidentiality 

  • Laor provides professional & quality translation with care and attention to detail along with maintaining confidentiality.

  • ISO 9001:2015 & IQNet certified (since 1999) by the Standards Institution of Israel.

  • Licensed suppliers of the Israeli Ministry of Defense.

Professional graphic and printing services,

*Are provided as part of the translation process, for those who translate with us.


Our clients include some of the foremost innovators in information technology, Construction and architecture Offices, Pre-medicine, chemicals, Electronics, Computing, mechanical, automotive systems and more..

Customer's sample list

Israel Ministry of Defense, IDF, Israel Airport Authority, Government, Engineering and Architecture Planners, vehicle importers, institutions, businesses, and more.

  • If there's anything we can do to improve our services, please reach out and let us know.

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